Suggested Language for your will

Many of you have asked how to go about making sure that your wishes to be buried in a green cemetery are carried out after your passing.

In Texas, and perhaps other states as well, you will want to have prepared a "Designation of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains"

We came up with the following suggested language for your will. DISCLAIMER: The language should be reviewed by your attorney when writing your will.

"I direct that my remains be buried in a "green cemetery" according to the standard practices associated with "green burial" including burial in a natural setting without embalming, in (select one) (1) a simple pine coffin (2) a biodegradable shroud (3) my grandmother's quilt (4) a cardboard box (5) (there are other possibilities - the only rule being the wrapping of the body or container should be biodegradable and not made of tropical hardwoods or other rare or threatened material). One such green cemetery is Ethician Family Cemetery, 1401 19th Street, Huntsville, Texas, USA (

Should I die in another state or country, I wish to be either transported back to Houston within 24 hours of death or packed in dry ice and delivered to Houston Intercontinental or Hobby Airport for transfer to Ethician Family Cemetery, if feasible. Otherwise, I wish to be buried in the closest available "green cemetery" or other cemetery that will allow a "green burial", unless my Executor determines that this is not feasible."