The Universal Ethician Church is happy to provide donors who acquire burial rights in The Ethician Family Cemetery with the actual cash value of each Lot or Plot based upon the cost of acquisition and surveying plus a small allowance for overhead calculated as follows:

The cash purchase price of the 81 acres by the donors of the cemetery was $216,500, or around $875 per Lot plus around $200 in surveying costs for a total of $1,075. The pro-rata share per Plot within each Lot would thus be $90.

The above cost does not include any costs or overhead associated with the associated Chapel of the Nativity, trail and bridge construction or other past, present, or future costs.

Although we cannot legally appraise the value of your donation for Federal Income Tax purposes, as we are not independent of the transaction, the above figures may be given to your accountant or appraiser for his or her evaluation and legal opinion as to the amount of your donation that can be deducted from your income taxes.

Assuming that your accountant or independent appraiser uses the above figures in his or her calculation, the simple math would as in the example as follows:

Donation to the Church $5,000
Original cash cost of the Lot -1,075

Tax deductible value of donation = $3,925

I hope that the above is of help to you and your tax professionals in determining the amount of your donation that the IRS will approve of.