HOW TO GET THERE: From Dallas or Houston take the Huntsville exit at Hwy 30. Travel eastward past the Huntsville town square toward Livingston on Highway 190. After traveling east about 16 miles you will pass the tiny hamlet of Oakhurst with its blinking yellow light. Continue on for another mile and you will see Waterwood Parkway on your left. Turn left here and after 7 miles you will come to Farm to Market Road 980. Cross 980 and enter Waterwood, Go past the firehouse and offices to the first road on the right which is Park Forest. Turn right. Go to the second street which is White Oak. Turn right on White Oak. Proceed to the end of the pavement. The area just in front of you is the cemetery. To your right about 100 feet is a stone bench marker for a family plot. Steel stakes mark the boundary of 12 lots at this location.

From Livingston, go west past Onalaska, cross the Lake Livingston bridge, and in five miles turn right on Highway 980. In about 7 miles you will come to the Waterwood entrance. Turn right.

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