(good for one human and two pet burials)

(good for up to 12 human and 24 pet burials)

Any monies received above the suggested donation amount will be used for the
protection and preservation of additional remnants of Eden.

What is the cost of a lot or plot?

We are frequently asked how much a lot or a plot costs in The Ethician Family Cemetery. As we are a Church cemetery, we are not in the business of “selling” anything. Far too many churches have become nothing more than huge business empires and that runs counter to Ethician theology.

We do however find that in the modern material world, that money is a necessary evil without which one cannot survive and in our case carry out our mission. Thus we ask that those who wish to be assigned a FAMILY LOT or an INDIVIDUAL PLOT in a “combined” family lot, make a contribution to the Universal Ethician Church within their financial means.

By the time that the pathways and bridges are completed and the lots marked with permanent survey stakes, the monies invested in the cemetery and Chapel of the Nativity projects will be about $5,000 per FAMILY LOT, containing 12 human plots and associated 24 pet plots or nearly $500.00 per PLOT for one human and two pets. The reason that the minimum donation recommended in order to be assigned an individual PLOT is higher than 1/12 the recommended minimum for an entire LOT is the higher overhead associated with management and oversight.

Therefore we are hoping that it will be within the means of the average family to donate $5,000.00 for a family lot and the average individual to donate $500.00 for an individual plot.

As a matter of comparison, I checked a recent issue of the Houston Chronicle and found that the average asking price for an individual plot was over $6,000.00, or 1,000% higher than our suggested minimum donation. In addition, many modern cemeteries may have an average of 1,000 graves crammed onto each acre, whereas our “wilderness cemetery” will have a maximum of only 36 human graves scattered across each acre.

There will be those who cannot afford more than, say, $200.00 for a plot and thus we will hope that the next person acquiring a plot will donate $800.00 or more to make up the difference.

For those families with only a few surviving family members and who do not have the financial resources to cover our overhead with a $5,000.00 donation, we ask that they agree to share a lot with another family or individuals of similar means. Ethicians believe that all living things are children of God and thus we are all kin, however remotely.

We do not want to create a financial burden on the elderly as many older people are struggling to survive on fixed income, and not knowing when their departure day from this Earth will be, are fearful of running out of money that they may need for their personal welfare.

For those elderly Ethicians who are on fixed incomes, we suggest making a bequest in their wills, in the event that there are funds in their estates at their deaths. A token donation within their present means will be all that is necessary to be assigned a plot, with the hope on both of our parts that they will not pass to the “promised land” in a state of poverty and thus, that our Church mission may be able to benefit from their estate.

For some persons, making monthly donations over time would be of benefit to their family or personal budgets. We will happily accept contributions over time either by check or by credit card if that is easier.

As our ultimate goal is the protection and preservation of as much of God’s beautiful and fragile Creation as possible, we are always grateful to those persons of like spiritual philosophy and commitment, who have been blessed with substantial financial resources, to help us to the greatest extent possible.

If an average middle income family planned on spending $3,000 for a plot and $5,000 for the average funeral were to donate $8,000 less around $1,500 if they contracted with a funeral home to dig the grave and handle the transportation and paper work, then we would be able to protect an additional 2 to 3 acres of adjacent forest land in perpetuity.

If an upper income family wishes to acquire burial rights on a whole _ to 1/3 acre PLOT for each family member then we would gladly accept donations to make their wish come true. The greater the donation, the greater will be our ability to accomplish our mission of protecting as much of God’s Creation from future harm as possible.

If a family of great financial resources, for example, would like to be interred on their own wildlife sanctuary, then we will work to make a private party purchase of conservation lands on the Greater Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral possible.

The following properties may be available for purchase:

69 Acre Zwickey Creek Wildlife Sanctuary $250,000
42 Acre Frogjoy Woods $200,000
311 Acre Alligator Refuge and Research Natural Forest $900,000
131 Acre Longleaf Pine Preserve $750,000